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Making Webby Darts

Webby Darts are a type of ammunition that I have created.  They are darts that could be used well with 1/2" Sched 40 PVC barrels, but are easier to make than Zero Darts.  Below are my instructions on making them.

For foam tipped Webbies:
      1. Cut a "  long segment of 5/8" diameter FBR
      2. Cut a 3" segment of 3/8" diameter FBR
      3. Burn a " hole into the 5/8" FBR
      4. Fill the hole a quarter of the way up with hot glue
      5. Drop in the 3/0 fishing sinker
      6. Fill the hole up to the halfway point with hot glue
      7. Stick the segment of 3/8" FBR into the hole slowly to avoid spilling the glue.
      8. Let the glue dry
      9. You can straighten the dart by sticking them in your drying machine for about 30 seconds (it varies depending on the power of your dryer).


The Webby Dart


The tip of the Foam-tipped Webby

For glue tipped Webbies:

  1. Cut a 3/4" long piece of 5/8" Foam Backer Rod
  2. Cut a 2.5" long piece of 1/2" Foam Backer Rod *
  3. Burn a 1/2" deep hole in the 5/8" FBR with the hot glue gun.
  4. Fill the hole a quarter of the way up with hot glue
  5. Drop a size 3/0 fishing sinker into the hole.
  6. Fill up the hole completely with hot glue.
  7. Wait for the glue to dry.
  8. Put a small drop of glue on the tip of the 1/2" FBR and stick it onto the foam-end of the 5/8" FBR.
  9. Allow the dart to dry in a verticle position.

*Note: You can use a 3/8" FBR tail for the Webbies.  I found that this works even better than a 1/2" FBR tail.*


If you come across any problems please E-mail me at: KevyWebby@Yahoo.com

"The world you get is the one you give away..."
-The Offspring in "Way Down the Line"